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Learn about the 5 pillars of a good investment strategy

#1 – Safety

Building on rock-solid foundations allows our clients to grow their money with confidence, tax-free.

#2 – Amplified Returns

It’s not magic, it’s math. See for yourself.

#3 – Flexibility

The Flex Method is, flexible— we use a step-by-step process designed to amplify the growth, income and protections of insurance policies.

We call it the Flex Method because it is a strategy that has the ability to use leverage when it is beneficial but is easily adaptable enough to remove the leverage as soon as it is not.

We build these policies so that they can stand on their own if financing is never utilized but can be leveraged when conditions are right. This is a unique characteristic of the Flex Method and one of the most compelling.

Wouldn’t it be nice to not be locked into a strategy that is unable to adapt to market changes?  How does the flexibility feature affect your peace of mind?

#4 – Maintain Access: Liquidity

Accessibility – “Liquidity” in investment terms, knowing that your money is available whenever you need it, is a big deal.

It gives you the flexibility to adapt and adjust to life’s twists and turns.  It allows you to take advantage of better opportunities when they arise.  Liquidity prevents an urgent need for cash from becoming a disaster of forced selling at unfavorable prices.

Liquidity is always wanted, but when it’s paramount, even temporary fluctuations in value can cause you to lose money if the need comes at just the wrong time.

How would you like to be able to access your money at any time, but still get great returns?  What would that allow you to do with your cash reserves? The money that is in between projects?

#5 – Tax-advantaged and more…

While we see tremendous opportunity for strong cash value performance, the reality is that cash values are only one component of life insurance.

The most important benefit of life insurance is the protection for your loved ones and charities. The Flex Method helps make those protections not only affordable, but scalable. We see a much more compelling reason for people to use life insurance for what it provides for them while they’re alive, in addition to the very meaningful things that they are able to accomplish when their time finally comes to an end.

No other asset is worth significantly more when the owner dies. Other benefits regarding taxes, income and estate planning may each be significant as well.

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